Cobbs Creek Healthcare

our Story

Cobbs Creek Healthcare is an analytics firm with a primary focus in the pharmaceutical industry.


Cobbs Creek Healthcare is an analytics firm with a primary focus in the pharmaceutical industry. We specialize in life sciences and apply a consultative approach to data sciences and analytics by deploying machine learning based algorithms to uncover real-time optimization opportunities.

We utilize a transformative, unique and proprietary system that incorporates innovative Machine Learning techniques with traditional statistical methods to present a deeper, more efficient and effective picture of market dynamics in real-time.

Our agile business model allows us to customize to client needs and scale to provide a full suite of data solutions to maximize commercial effectiveness. We provide continuous learning to uncover real-time leading indicators and make insights driven adjustments to reach desired outcomes.

Cobbs Creek’s ongoing and evolving system provides specific and individual physician level responses that allow for more customized, targeted and integrated marketing strategies from lab to market. Our methodology applies cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques to provide the most up-to-date information and provide a competitive edge in today’s complex marketplace.



Our Vision

Provide data driven customized insights to enhance commercial decision making.


Our Mission

To empower businesses to reach their greatest potential by providing insightful decision making through market leading analytics.


Our Approach

Our approach can immediately identify and pinpoint market opportunities, as well as risks, as they occur in real-time. We provide real-time, actionable insights, which are highly customized and easily integrated, to drive accurate personalized campaigns with optimal allocation.